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Tsurumaki Park

Tsurumaki Park was established as a waterside park for the Sugatagawa River, and the park overflows with greenery and the babbling of the river.The view from the Tsukiyama Plaza is amazing, allowing visitors to enjoy a 360 degree panorama.

420-2,Minowa Shimotsuke-shi Tochigi-ken
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Tsurumaki Park


Opening hours 9:30-16:00 every Tuesday Holidays Training Room rates 10:00-15:00 1500 yen, 16:00-22:00 2000 yen, Japanese-style room 16:00-22:00 500 yen, 10:00-15:00 500 yen, galley: 10:00-15:00 600 yen, 16:00-22:00 600 yen, and other outdoor plaza is free

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  • Tsurumaki ParkThe View from Tsukuy
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