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Tochigi Wanpaku Park

Mibu Town's Tochigi Wanpaku Park is a park that allows visitors to dream and experience and adventure by passing through the 5 areas of the park, "Flower Town", "Children's Village", "Mysterious Forest", "Valley of Wind" and "Green Hill".The park also has a variety of facilities including the "Dream Flower Stage" with blooming pansies and tulips, "Pana Pana Town" for make-believe and which holds various classes aimed at children and "Friendly Farm" where visitors can experience agricultural work with potatoes, corn and other products.The park is extremely popular with children as a place to learn to think for oneself and have a variety of hands-on experiences.

2273,Kuniya Mibu-machi Tochigi-ken
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Tochigi Wanpaku Park


Opening hours 8:30-18:30(October - February: 8:30-17:30)、[Facilities in this park] 9:30-17:00 (October - February: 9:30-16:30)、Closed Open every day、Fees Admission: Free、Fushigi no Fune (Amusement facility):Elementary and junior high school student 100 yen, High school student or over 200 yen

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  • Tochigi Wanpaku Park
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