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Mt. Hagurosan Ikoi no Mori

View of the mountain ranges is spectacular

Mt. Hagurosan Ikoi no Mori (Relaxation Forest) is a plaza located inside the grounds of Hagurosan Jinja Shrine on the peak of Mt. Hagurosan. Looking out from the observatory the view of the mountains of the Nasu and Nikko mountain ranges is spectacular, and when the air is clear, one can see as far as the Kanto Plain. A large number of azaleas are planted at the site, decorating the site with beautiful flowers from spring to summer. In addition, the site is home to the “fufu sugi” or “married couple cedars”, famous tress in Tochigi who age is estimated to be 450 years, and which attract faithful who believe the trees help build romantic relationships.

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Mt. Hagurosan Ikoi no Mori


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