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Tobiyama Castle Shiseki Park

Ruins of a castle of Kamakura age end

Tobiyama Castle was a castle built on the upper shore of the left bank of the Kinugawa River with an area of 14ha, the castle had double walls on the east and south sides with the west and north protected by the Kinugawa River. It is said to have been constructed by Haga Takatoshi at the end of the Kamakura Period. The site is presently a government designated historical site, and wooden bridges and buildings unearthed in excavations are being restored, and visitors can enjoy nature through all 4 seasons at the sight.

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Tobiyama Castle Shiseki Park


Access 25 minutes by bus from JR Utsunomiya to Ubagai & Motegi (northbound) and get off at Kiyohara Kominkan-mae (Kiyohara Community Center), then 20 minutes walk

  • Tobiyama Castle Shiseki ParkNo smoking in park
  • Tobiyama Castle Shiseki ParkPeaceful promenade
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