Oshu Highway

The Yugyoyanagi is located in Ashino in Nasu Town, which was once station on the Oshu Kaido. Surrounded by stone fences made from local “ashino ishi” rock, stands a single willow, with stone tablets inscribed with haiku by Basho and Buson and a monument with tanka by Saigyo, and is a famous tourist spot which attracts many visitors. The “Yugyo An” rest area is located close by the Yugyoyanagi with restaurants and local product direct sales spots.

Ashino Nasu-machi Nasu-gun Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Shirakawa-Interchange




Access 15 minutes by car from JR Kurodahara Station Information It is a historical site of the town. There are monuments with poem inscriptions of Matsuo Basho and Saigyo Hoshi

  • YugyoyanagiTochigi time-honored
  • YugyoyanagiHaiku contribution b
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