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Tochigi Flower Center

The Tochigi Flower Center is located at the base of Mt. Mikamosan Park and allows visitors to experience nature with their five senses in ways that aren't normally accessible. When first approaching the 1463 square meter flower bed, one feels a sense of intensity while at the same time feeling enriched. The center plans a variety of exhibitions based on the season and also offers horticultural advice. This season from February 7 to May 9 an exhibition of orchids, popular for their colorful petals and fragrance, is being held at the center. Why not come and enjoy the spectacular view of 700 orchids of 150 different varieties blooming in the largest greenhouse in Japan.

1612,Shimotsubara Iwafune-machi Tochigi-ken
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Tochigi Flower Center


Sakura Category Bloom from late March to early April

  • Tochigi Flower CenterLarge flower bed
  • Tochigi Flower CenterMaronie flower house
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