Aizunishi Highway
Palladium Giant Maze

The Palladium Giant Maze is a large scale maze with an area of approximately 3,500 square meters. Aim for the goal and challenge the maze, experiencing everything from frustration to joy within its twisting confines. Try to beat the best time, or enjoy it as a leisurely walk, the maze can be approached any way you like, visit today with family, friends or as a couple!

465,Karakura Nikko-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Nikko-Utsunomiya ROAD Imaichi-Interchange


Palladium Giant Maze


Opening hours 9:00-18:00、Fees Adult: 800 yen, Child: 500 yen Group discount Group of 25 persons or more, Adult: 700 yen, Child : 400 yen

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