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Kinugawa Line Kudari

Kinugawa Line Kudari is a famous tourist spot where 25-30 visitors board a large wooden boat and are guided down the ravines of the Kinugawa River by the skilled control of the boat pilot allowing visitors to enjoy both amazing scenery and thrills. Visitors can enjoy the strange scenery woven from the odd-shaped boulders on a thrilling and exciting ride down the Kinugawa River. Comes and experience the full wonder of the naturally created Kinugawa River ravine.

414,Kinugawaonsenohara Nikko-shi Tochigi-ken
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Nikko-Utsunomiya ROAD Imaichi-Interchange


Kinugawa Line Kudari


Opening hours/Opening period 9:00-17:00 From mid-April to mid-November Fees Adult: 2,500 yen, Child (from 4 years old to elementary school student): 1,100 yen

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