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Nasu Kogen

Nasu Kogen is a large plateau which spreads at the southern foot of Chausudake, the highest peak in the Nasu Mountain Chain. Nasu Kogen is surrounded by abundant nature, which change throughout the 4 seasons providing great scenery. The Japanese azaleas in spring, gentians in fall and the fall changing of the leaves are a true beauty to behold. Nasu Kogen is also known as a summer resort and onsen hot spring resort area, and has grown to be a major resort area in recent years, attracting large numbers of tourists.

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Nasu Kogen


Information This highland is located at the east foot of Nasu Mountains There are many leisure facilities where you can enjoy various activities such as onsen ryokan (Japanese-style inn with hot spring baths), golf courses, tennis courts, horse riding, and so on

  • Nasu KogenBudding fresh green
  • Nasu KogenNasu-dake that burns
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