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Senbon Matsu Farm

Senbon Matsu Farm is a tourist farm where visitors can enjoy a variety of leisure activities on the farm’s expansive land. Visitors can spend time leisurely on the pastures, the tourist walking paths and among the cherry trees and fall trees, and participate in a variety of activities such as the free cow milking experience, horseback riding, and cycling. The fresh milk and ice cream made directly from the milk taken from the dairy cows is extremely popular. The entire farm is designated a wildlife preserve, and visitors can view goshawks, flying squirrels, squirrels and other animals among the verdant nature of the area.

799,Senbonmatsu Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Nishinasunoshiobara-Interchange


Senbon Matsu Farm


Access 2 minutes from transport Nishinasuno Shiobara IC Free Parking

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