Nasu Shiobara Highway
Ryuka no Taki Falls

Ryuka no Taki Falls is a famous waterfall which flows and falls over 3 drops, and is both beautiful and imposing. There is a viewing platform close to the waterfall basin where visitors can feel the force of the waterfall. Even among the many waterfalls of Shiobara, said to be as many as 100, this fall ranks in the top 10 most famous. There is a promenade which makes for an easy to walk course, which is only a short distance and with very little height variation, making it easy for even for families to enjoy the walk together.

Shiobara Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi-ken
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Tohoku Expressway Nishinasunoshiobara-Interchange


Ryuka no Taki Falls


Access 30 minutes ride on the JR Bus from JR Nishi-Nasuno Station and get off at Ryuka-no Taki (Ryuka Falls), then 20 minutes walk、Height 50 meters Information This waterfall flows down in three stages. It shows various beautiful facets depending on the season

  • Ryuka no Taki FallsBeautiful river
  • Ryuka no Taki FallsRyuka no Hashi Bridg
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