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Emperor’s Memorial Park

Emperor’s Memorial Park is a recreation of the former Shiobara Imperial Villa which was used as a summer resort for the imperial family over the 3 eras of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa and was visited by the Emperor Taisho and Showa. Among the buildings of the former Shiobara Imperial Villa, the building known as the “Tenno no Ma” or “Emperor’s Room” is open to the general public. Inside the building a variety of documents, photos, writings and a variety of other materials related to the Imperial family which give a hint at the life of the Emperor are on display.

1266-113,Shiobara Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi-ken
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Emperor’s Memorial Park


Opening hours 9:00-17:00 (From December to March 9:00-16:30) Closed Wednesdays (the next days if it falls on a holiday) Open everyday from July 20 to August 31、Fees Adult: 200 yen, Child: 100 yen、Time needed 30 minutes

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