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Agurinosato Tourist Farm

Tourist Farm "Agurinosato" is located in the rural area approximately 5km northeast from the center of Tochigi City and is a popular spot for strawberry picking in Tochigi City. Agurinosato is a tourist farm that tourists visiting Mt. Ohirasan or other sites can visit easily and visitors can enjoy 30 minute "all you can eat" meals of large and sweet "tochiotome" and "tochihime" strawberries. The farm also conducts direct sales of rice and fresh vegetables in addition to strawberries.

128-1,Otsuka-machi Tochigi-shi Tochigi-ken
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Agurinosato Tourist Farm


Opening hours 10:00-15:00 Holiday,Mid-May - Late November

  • Agurinosato Tourist FarmParking
  • Agurinosato Tourist FarmParking
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