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Prefectural Citizen’s Forest

Kenmin no Mori (Prefectural Citizen’s Forest) is located in Yaita City’s northwest and is a spacious site of 973ha on the Takahara hillside. The forest is dotted with blooming flowers including the dogtooth violet in April and azaleas in may, and the changing of the colors of the broadleaf trees in the Miyagawa Ravine and on Mt. Mitsumochisan in the fall is truly a spectacular sight. The forest has a camp site, cooking area and campfire ground making it a perfect environment for visitors to enjoy camping.

2927,Nagai Yaita-shi Tochigi-ken
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Prefectural Citizen’s Forest


Opening period: July 15 - August 31 Fee: Bungalow (per night) 10,600 yen、Fixed tent on stilts (1 per expansion) 3,210 yen Bring tent sites (one site per night) 530 yen

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