Nasu Shiobara Highway

Nikko National Park Happogahara is a large section of land which spreads halfway up the mountain side of Mt. Takaharayama approximately 20km northwest of Yaita City. On the green road, which curves gracefully up the mountain and allows visitors to drive comfortably to the peak, visitors can see a wide variety of plants and animals. The hiking course is also recommended for enjoying walking. The group blooming of the Japanese azaleas from the end of may to June spreads over the entire surface of the plain making for an amazing scenery of contrasting greens and light red.

Shimoisano Yaita-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Nishinasunoshiobara-Interchange




Access 60 minutes by car from Yaita IC

  • HappogaharaMountain Station Tak
  • HappogaharaParking
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