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Shojinsawayusui Spring

Shojinsawayusui Spring is a spring halfway up Mt. Takaharasan near the border of Tochigi Prefecture’s Shioya Town and Yaita City and was selected as one of the top 100 springs by the Ministry of the Environment. The water from the spring was selected as the most delicious out of water collected from 37 prefectures throughout the country in 1997. The entire area around the spring is covered with primeval forest of several hundred years of age, and the spring actually springs forth in over 10 locations. The water is 11°C throughout all 4 seasons and doesn’t dry up or freeze even during the winter providing the animals with ever important hydration. The water surface running through the thick vegetation, appears almost like a syrup, it is so clear and shiny.

1618,Kamiterashima Shioya-machi Tochigi-ken
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Shojinsawayusui Spring


Access 15 minutes by bus from JR Yaita Station to Imaichi or Kinugawa and get off at Tamanyu, then 15 minutes by car Information Japan's 100 best water sources, Tochigi's 100 best natural scenery, Tochigi's 100 best roads & rivers

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