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Tsuga no Sato

Within the Tsuga no Sato garden is the Furusato Center Family Park Plaza, Seichi Park, Fureai no Mori woods, Wild Bird Woods and many other attractions. Flowers bloom within Tsuga no Sato throughout all four seasons, making it fun to visit Tsuga no Sato multiple times as it changes during the different seasons. During the Hana Sai Sai flower festival held within the garden, weeping cherry trees, Yoshino cherry trees, wild cherry trees, double flowering cherry trees and a total of nearly 1000 trees from these and other varieties of cherry tree bloom allowing visitors to enjoy blossoming cherry trees over a long period. Among all of the trees, the sight of the blooming 160 year old wild tree truly imparts the profound depth of nature.

325,Usukubo Tsuga-machi Tochigi-shi Tochigi-ken
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Tsuga no Sato


Closed Control Center (Furusato Center)Mondays & Tuesdays Fees Admission: Free

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