Haga and Minaminasu line
Igashira Motor Park

Igashira Motor Park features race tracks where people of all ages can have a great time.The motor park boasts a friendly atmosphere welcoming to aspiring racers and families enjoying a holiday.Experience the extraordinary sensation of high-speed just above the ground inside a race car cockpit.

468-2,Shimokomoriya Moka-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Kita-Kanto Expressway Moka-Interchange


Igashira Motor Park


【Opening hours】 April - November・・・10:00 - 21:00 December - March・・・10:00 - 20:00 【Special holiday】 Monday 【Fees】 5 rounds : 1500 yen, 10 rounds : 3000 yen, and 20 rounds : 5000 yen (those with member discount) with a child of 10 rounds : 3000 yen (it is 5 rounds until it can ride by one person)

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