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Tatara Marsh

The Tatara Marsh is comprised of a roughly 2-hectare manmade pond and the wetlands running to its north.In addition to the reeds, alders and numagaya sedges, white and yellow nymphea plants sit on the water along with rare insect-eating plants and scarlet dwarf dragonflies that inhabit the area.Since these wetlands are home to many wild birds in a major concentration of natural wilderness in northern Kanto, the Tatara Marsh is a conservation area that has been carefully preserved.

Tatara Ichikai-machi Haga-gun Tochigi-ken
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Tatara Marsh


《The water lily of the Tatara swamp》 【Best time to see】The middle of June ~ The middle of August 【Access】On foot-from Mo'oka Railway Tatara Station 10 minutes

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