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Campground Namazukko

Campground Namazukko is a multipurpose leisure facility put up by local farmers who raise catfish.With a rest house and campground, it's a popular spot among tourists.The rest house is a hard-to-find type of store serving tons of catfish dishes. It has even been featured on a TV program.The campground provides hands-on experiences to provide all sorts of challenges for campers such as soba (buckwheat noodle) kneading, pottery, charcoal roasting and more.Campground Namazukko also has cottages, fishing holes, mountain bike courses and more.

686,Oyamadashimogo Nakagawa-machi Nasu-gun Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Yaita-Interchange


Campground Namazukko


【Opening hours】 check-in:at any time check-out:at any time 【Closed】 Every week Wednesday (rest house) 【Accommodation charges】 One building 25,000 yen

  • Campground NamazukkoRest house
  • Campground NamazukkoRich nature
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