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Bato Horse Land

Bato Horse Land is a dude ranch that makes it easy for people of all ages to interact with the horses.The ranch's main feature is its at-home atmosphere, where the staff, along with staff dog "Lucky," the store cat "Chabo" and the stars of the show, the horses, provide visitors a warm welcome.Guests are free to look around, so why not come on down for a good old time?

1733,Koguchi Nakagawa-machi Nasu-gun Tochigi-ken
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Bato Horse Land


【Fixed holiday】 Every week Thursday 【Charge】 ' - Influence horse course - general adult horses 800 and the pony 700. - The parent and child (it can ride on adult horses by parent and child.) 1,000. - an experience course (15 minutes) and2,500 (charge lump of instruction) - Weekday member 1,500 -- lesson course (30 minutes) (to schoolchild upper classes) 4,500 (charge lump of instruction) Weekday member 3,500 - It is a member fee a member 3,000 - weekday free course (40 minutes) (those who have 20 or more saddle experience) 4,000, and a weekday. 15,000 (yearly amount)

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