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Japanese Crucian Carp Fishing Area

Japanese Crucian Carp Fishing Area (Great Nature of the Kinu River) is a tranquil place where time passes by slowly as visitor enjoy fishing for Japanese crucian carp.Delightful gifts include a free one-day pass for catching a red crucian and a free canned beverage for catching a common carp.

548-4,Kuwajima-machi Utsunomiya-shi Tochigi-ken
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Kita-Kanto Expressway Utsunomiya-Kaminokawa-Interchange


Japanese Crucian Carp Fishing Area


【Opening hours】March-October AM6:00-PM4:00 November-February AM7:00-PM 4:00 【Special holiday】All the year round 【Fees】《Adult (high school student-)》Saturdays-and-Sundays public holiday One day 2100 yen Half a day (PM12:00-)1600 yen 《Adult (high school student-)》Weekday One day 1600 yen(There is no half-day charge of a weekday) 《Female one day》1050 yen 《Below junior high school student one day》500 yen

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