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Nasu Inakamura Auto-Camp

Nasu Inakamura Auto-Camp has plenty of natural surroundings on vast, woody tract of land. Events are held in spring, summer, fall and winter for you to experience nature in any season.In addition to facilities such as bungalows, flush toilets and a communal cooking area, the campground also has showers and an open-air bath.How about placing yourself in the middle of nature, listening to the sounds of the animals, insects, gas and trees, and getting a full taste of natural beauty with all your physical senses?

948-1,Kamikawai Nasukarasuyama-shi Tochigi-ken
【Expressway entrance】
Tohoku Expressway Yaita-Interchange


Nasu Inakamura Auto-Camp


【Opening period】 During one year (reservation required) 【Tent】 One tension for three persons One tension for 2,000 four persons 3,000 One night of power supplies for a camp 1,000 【Bungalow】 1 building 15,000 (two buildings)

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