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Chuzenjiko Lake

Chuzenjiko Lake was created by a volcanic eruption of Mount Nantaisan nearly 20,000 years ago and is the highest lake of 4 square kilometers or more above sea level in Japan excluding man-made lakes. The lake surface is 1,269m above sea level with an area of 11.62km2, 25km circumference and a maximum depth of 163m. Western European fish were added to the lake and bred starting in 1878 and it is not one of the premiere fishing locations in Japan. A huge lake trout of 99.5cm was caught in the lake in August of 1997 and the lake has since become a place of intense interest for fisherman seeking to make a big catch.

2482,Chugushi Nikko-shi Tochigi-ken
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Chuzenjiko Lake


Height 1,269 meters Surface area 11.5 square kilometers Maximum depth 161.5 meters

  • Chuzenjiko LakeMt.Nantaisan
  • Chuzenjiko LakeThe view from the Ak
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