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Mount Nantaisan

Mount Nantaisan is a 2,486m above sea level volcanic mountain on the northern shore of Chuzenjiko Lake in Nikko National Park and is venerated as the god mountain of the Futarasan-Jinja Shrine. Nantai is large and conical in shape as a composite volcano and overlooks the entire Kanto region, and is known as a worshipped mountain from long ago. The Futarasan-Jinja Shrine Okusha is enshrined at the peak of the mountain. The mountain opens for climbing May 5 and closes again October 28, with many climbers from all over the country visiting during the open season.

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Mount Nantaisan


Height 2,484 m Lodge Open every day (unattended service) Time needed to climb 8 hours

  • Mount NantaisanThe view from the Se
  • Mount NantaisanThe view from the Ak
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