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Kirifuri no Taki Falls

Kirifuri no Taki Falls is located approximately 4km north on Prefectural Route 169 from JR Nikko Station. The falls are one of the 3 great waterfalls of Nikko together with Kegon no Taki Falls and Urami no Taki Falls. The water from the falls strikes the rocks like falling mist and sprays into the air, which is where the name of the waterfall, Kirifuri, or Falling Mist, comes from. Visitors can enjoy the sight of the waterfall from a viewing platform which faces the falls throughout all 4 seasons. The scenery is especially beautiful during the October changing of the leaves.

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Kirifuri no Taki Falls


Height 75 m Maximum width 20 m River name Itaana River

  • Kirifuri no Taki FallsWaterfall with color
  • Kirifuri no Taki FallsEntrance to the sigh
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