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Yudaki Falls

Yudaki Falls is located on a hiking course north from Senjogahara, and is also close to the Yudaki Iriguchi bus stop. This waterfall flows from Yunoko Lake continuing to the Yukawa River which flows through Senjogahara before falling again from Ryuzu no Taki Falls and flowing into Chuzenjiko Lake. Despite the name "Yudaki" or "boiling water falls", the water that from the falls is not boiling. The 70m high waterfall flows down a steep rock face and is a sight to behold. The waterfall is 25 meters wide, and viewing the waterfall from the viewing platform near the waterfall basin allows one to truly feel the might of the falls.

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Yudaki Falls


Height 70 m Width 25 m River name Yukawa River

  • Yudaki FallsWaterfall with color
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