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Kuroiso Shrine

Kuroiso Shrine was founded in 1902 to bring the townsfolk together and help the town grow.A spirit called Chijin-san is enshrined in a pentagonal prism, an unusual arrangement to see in Tochigi Prefecture.Sculpted idols of Omotaru no Mikoto and Kashikone no Mikoto are revered at the shrine as deities who bless worshippers by keeping their limbs in healthy condition.There are seasonal events such as mamemaki (when roasted soybeans are thrown to drive demons away), chinowakuguri (a ceremony of passing through circles made of reeds) and more are held at Kuroiso Shrine.

3-34,Miya-tyo Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi-ken
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Tohoku Expreesway Nasu-Interchange


Kuroiso Shrine


【Access】5 minutes on foot from JR Kuroiso Station

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