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Nogi Jinja Shrine

Nogi Jinja Shrine is a shrine which enshrines Nogi Maresuke, the head of the army during the Meiji era. In Nogi Park, made up from the grounds of Nogi Jinja Shrine and the surrounding area, is the second house where Maresuke spent his later years as well as the Seisho pond brimming with crystal clear water and the treasure house and is much loved by local residents as a place of relaxation. In addition, the approach to Nogi Jinja Shrine from National Highway Route 400 is lined with cherry blossoms, turning the entire path into a blossoming cherry lined tunnel in the spring.

795,Ishibayashi Nasushiobara-shi Tochigi-ken
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Nogi Jinja Shrine


Opening hours 9:00-17:00 Closed Mondays (open on holidays if) New Year (12/27 to 1/5) Admission Entrance fee 300 yen (general) PDA deposit 1,000 yen、Tour takes 1 hour

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