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Historic Limestone Cave Genzankutsu

Historic Limestone Cave Genzankutsu is a limestone cave of approx. 40m length at Furumachi Onsen. The limestone cave is said to have been a place where Minamoto no Aritsuna hid after losing in battle to the Heike in 1180, and inside the cave are mannequins recreating the lives of the warriors who lived in the cave at that time. It is said Aritsuna waited for an opportunity to rise again, but while washing rice, the water flowed outside the cave and he was discovered by his enemies, and he met an unfortunate end. At present, if one leaves the cave there is a arms information center where armor found inside the cave and warring states period swords and matchlock rifles are on display.

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Historic Limestone Cave Genzankutsu


Opening hours (April - November) 8:30-17:00 (December - March) 9:00-16:00 Fees Adult (high school student and over): 700 yen, Child (elementary & junior high school student): 400 yen

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