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Kibata Jinja Shrine

Kibata Jinja Shrine is said to have been built in the year 795 by Sanoue no Tamuramaro for Ezo Seibatsu to pray for victory in battle. Kibata Jinja Shrine’s “honden” main shrine and “romon” 2 story gate are both designated as National Important Cultural Assets. Large numbers of spectators flock to the shrine for the “Dondo Yaki” warding off evil festival in January and the “Kibata Jinja Hyaku Mono Soroe” where in fall a procession of over 100 warriors passes through the shrine.

1194-1,Kibata Yaita-shi Tochigi-ken
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Tohoku Expressway Yaita-Interchange


Kibata Jinja Shrine


Access IC 10 minutes by car from the transport sheet pile Free admission fees, etc

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